Conducting Academic and Business Research In Nigeria

Conducting Academic and Business Research In Nigeria

How You Can Conduct An Academic and Business Research In Nigeria

Conducting an academic or business research is an essential part of conducting business and engaging in the scientific community. Students, academians, and business leaders participate in research to gain critical knowledge about particular topics they do not understand well.

Such topics can be anything from the discovery of new vaccines to have a greater insight of a required target market. The following steps are brief steps to take essential part a good academic and business research in Nigeria.

1.)Understanding The Problem Or Pain Point

It will be pretty difficult to design a study if you don’t at first understand the nature of the problem. While you may have a lot understanding of the problem, actually pinpointing that problem into a sentence can be excruciatingly frustrating.

Sometimes you will have to review the evidence, conduct interviews, and complete some non-scientific experimentation to define the situation or problem better. The more knowledge and experience a researcher has the easier it will be to grasp what is going on.

2.) Conduct A Good Background Research

You can understand better what type of study to conduct if you are aware of the current research.

You may just find that the problem has already been solved or is close enough that you can draw some inferences for your business without the additional expenses associated with new research. Keep explanatory notes of the studies you find because your literary review will provide a detailed discussion of current findings on the topic.

3.) Formulate Your Research Question

Your research question is the centerpiece of any study orresearch. A quick glance at the research question will tell you precisely whatquestion the study is attempting to resolve.

As you build your study, the design will reflect back on the research questions. Typically research questions are labeled as R1 and R2 and are very explicitly written so they can be measured.

academic and business research

4.) Design Your Study

The study design is based on the need to answer research questions. If the study seeks to evaluate some phenomenon statistically, but the variables are not well known or defined, then an exploratory design might be beneficial.

It is always wise to look at similar studies on the topic to get a better understanding of the design you need to use.

5.) Gain Approvals and Fundings

Depending on the type of entity you work for you may need different types of approvals. On an academic level, you would need a university’s Research Board or International Review Board approvals. Company employees may need to obtain permission from senior management.

6.) Obtain Necessary Materials

Sometimes you will need some special equipment for your research of and at other times you will use online surveys, existing data, historical information, etc.

It is helpful to know where you are going to obtain this information, pay for the services you need, and collect written permission to access information.

7.) Conduct your academic research Study

Conducting your business research study will take time and careful effort. Make sure that you follow procedures correctly to hold up against scrutiny.

If you wave from your processes outlined in the study, you would need to go back and reauthorize those changes with funding and oversight boards. The more consistent you are with each piece of data collection essential part your study will be regarding validity.

8.) Data Evaluation And Results 

Once you have collected your data you will need to find a way to evaluate it to disprove null hypothesis.

Disproving various null hypothesis means the alternative, or the one you seek, is justified via a specified confidence level. There are essential part available like SPSS or even free knowledge about Microsoft Excel that can carry out such tasks.

9.) Report, Publish and Share Rearch Results

The main goal is to contribute to a body of knowledge by sharing your academic or business research results. The of methods are to conduct a presentation at essential part or have it published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Even if you can not do this, you can still have it posted on the web for others to see also.

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