National Common Entrance Guidelines

National Common Entrance Guidelines

An easy step by step guide to National Common Entrance Exam application for final year pupils or pupils in basic 6

This is an easy step by step guide to on how you would go about your child or pupil’s National Common Entrance Exam Application process.

National Common Entrance Examination is for pupils seeking admission into JSS1 (junior secondary school) of federal government colleges and state colleges around Nigeria and schools owned by the federal government of Nigeria.

Pupils that are eligible to write the exams should not be less than 10 years of age.

 NCEE(National Common Entrance exam) consists of:

  • Paper 1: Part A – Mathematics and General Science. Part B – Quantitative and Vocational reasoning.
  • Paper 2: Part A – English and Social Studies. Part B – Verbal reasoning.

The goal of the national common entrance is to bring a strong bond between primary level schools and pupils throughout Nigeria and the exam is held annually i.e once in a year.

The results and qualifications for each school is dependent on cut off marks for each state. The results of the next i.e second examinations would qualify candidates or pupils for admissions which would be based on merit.

NCEE National Common Entrance Exam Application

How to apply for NCEE National Common Entrance Exam Application online

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter your pin number and serial number from the scratch card you purchased
  3. Enter the pupils biodata and details and upload
  4. Then print the pupils photocard to get the registration number and center number.

Registration procedure for NCEE (National Common Entrance Exam)

This registration is for pupils who stay and reside in Nigeria. The pupil or guardian of the pupil should get his or her scratch card at the NECO National Examination Council office or visit a state ministry office to purchase the card.

The card goes for 2500 (naira) as at 2018 and you would need to pay a stamp duty of 50 (naira) and the payment is done in NECO treasury account.

The post is just to help students on easy application. You can share to someone to help in easing the process.

You can visit Royfield School to get your candidates trained for common entrance.

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